Terms & Conditions

Your bid is a contract between you and the listing creator. If you have the highest bid you will enter into a legally binding purchase contract.

Auction Times & Duration

All auctions will begin and end on Sunday.  To be fair to our international community, we will stagger auction starting times throughout the day.  We apologize if the doll you want has an auction time that ends in the middle of the night! 

We will begin by auctioning 10 dolls a week and once we are comfortable with our processes, increase that number to 20-30 dolls per week.

Auction Bidding

This site will handle Proxy bidding (just like eBay).  This automatic-bid feature stands in for you so that your bid rises incrementally in response to other bidders' bids.  Simply enter the maximum that you would like to bid on that doll.  

If there are bids that come in, in the final seconds of the auction, the auction ending time will be extended by 30 seconds.

Shipping & Handling

Since we do have a world-wide audience, we will not be adding shipping charges on the listings.  Shipping will be calculated after the auction ends.  On Monday or Tuesday, following the end of the auction, we will send you an invoice for the winning bid + shipping.  Whenever possible, we will combine shipping for multiple wins. 

Shipping will be calculated at actual package weight and dimensions to the destination (from Jamestown, MO, USA) + $5.00 Packing material & Handling.  

Dolls will be insured up to the ending bid price of the doll.  Shipping damages must be reported within 3 days of receipt of the doll.  Report damages and send pictures of damage to auctions@diannaeffnerprivatecollection.com.


You will receive an invoice for your winning auctions on Monday or Tuesday, following the auction.  This allows us time to accurately calculate shipping charges.  Invoices should be paid by Friday, following the auction.  Dolls that are not paid for by Friday will be offered to the second highest bidder.

PLEASE DO NOT BID ON A DOLL THAT YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY FOR.  Repeat offenders will have their accounts restricted.

Our preferred payment method is Paypal.  If you cannot use Paypal, please contact us IMMEDIATELY after the auction ends to make other arrangements through Credit Card Processing.  Checks will not be accepted.

Doll Condition

The dolls in the auction have been around a while - some are 40+ years old.  We do our best to note any flaws in the doll or costume in the auction descriptions, but we are human and may miss something.  If you receive a doll and with a flaw, stain, tear, etc. that was not noted, please contact us immediately.  Resolutions will be handled on a case by case basis.  

Dolls may be returned for refund of of bid price.  Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

Resale of Dolls

While we have little control over what you do with your dolls after you purchase them, we will be watching for resale dolls on eBay and other platforms.  This auction community was established to celebrate the life and dolls of Dianna Effner and opportunistic activities go against the spirit of this event.  If we discover dolls that you have purchased from us are relisted on eBay, your account will be restricted and you will no longer be able to purchase dolls through this auction site.


IMPORTANT:  The purchase of your doll does not give your any rights to duplicate, replicate, copy or otherwise infringe on the exclusive designs of Dianna Effner Dolls.